Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Pinteresting Christmas

Every few months, I claim I am really going to keep up with my blog...maybe this time, it will happen! So with many things in my life, getting my teeth cleaned, doing laundry, running at times... Pinterest is just another one of those love/hate relationships I have. If only I could have Pinterest applied to life.. rather than having piles, bills, coupons, receipts scattered in my purse, car, Samuel's diaper bag, etc. If I had one ginormous Pinterest board of life, I think life could be less complicated. But I digress (people sound so important when they say that). Not only does Pinterest provide crafts for life, but it also makes you feel guilty. That's where the "hate" part comes into play. I think I'm doing a good deed, putting my leftover change in Samuel's piggybank. Periodically, we will take out his money, organize it, talk about how "quarters" are Mommy's favorite coin, and whatnot. But on Pinterest, not only do they encourage you to put your spare change in a jar, but then it says to give it to a needy person or family. One pin at a time, Pinterest makes me feel a little guilty that I'm not going that extra mile with really every aspect of life. I try to put it in perspective though and think, well at least I'm not pocketing that change. Again I.D. (do you get that)? So... now the love part of this double-edged sword. I found very cute ideas for Christmas this year. So I am going to post them, with the intention of doing them with Samuel. They seem pretty cheap to make, and easy to do, two key points whenever considering ANY pin. I think Samuel will have a blast too. So, in no particular order, my pins...keep me accountable people! :) A felt tree...easy, cute, and will fill up wall space= trifecta of perfection. Adorbs. I'm sure Samuel will want to add more than one cotton ball a day. It's his world, Santa just lives in it. Sorry High School German Club, no chocolate advent calendar for the Janov household this year. It's all chicken wire (where do you get that)? and craftiness this year! Yours in Pinning,


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