Friday, December 27, 2013

The True Meaning of Christmas

I saw this posted on Facebook, amongst the Santa pictures, gifts, Christmas cards pics, and whatnot. I really do want Samuel to know the true meaning of Christmas. We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus,(blowing out candles stuck in his french toast) :) and tried to reiterate that we are celebrating Jesus's birth, which is why it's like a big party, with gifts, food, etc. Christmas was a blast though, what an awesome time of year. My friend Sharon, shared a link with me that shows when people try to make Pinterest things and how they really turn out, which was hilarious. This is the last picture on the end of the site, which is funny and true.
Here is my own rendition of how society, Pinterest, supermoms, think things SHOULD look, and how in actuality, they turn out, which makes it even better… #1-Christmas pictures by the tree…
Here is our picture…..
At least Samuel was looking at the camera! :) #2-Christmas cookies Now I am no Martha Stewart, so I set my expectations super low with sugar cookies. Here is what they "SHOULD" have looked like:
Here are my sugar cookie/cream puff/biscuits (LOL) I'm still dying because I forgot to roll them out and use a cookie cutter.
I am not a Pinterest hata by any means, but it just isn't reality, just like FB isn't reality, just like taking pictures now isn't reality. You can take 5 million selfies until you look stunning and mesmerizing. There is a small part of me that misses taking pictures, dropping off that cheap camera, and waiting until they were developed. The element of suspense with pictures is gone. The element of suspense with phone calls is gone. Samuel will never get butterflies wondering if "that girl" is on the other line someday, because he can look at his IPhone 29 and see that the girl is calling him. But I digress…. here are some of my proud homemade goodies from this Christmas. Eat your hearts out supermoms! ;)
Yes, I did put my dead dog on my Christmas card…. Bella will always be in our hearts! <3

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Music for the Soul

From a very young age, music has always inspired me. Trying to hit the exact note in Wilson Phillips, "Hold On" or trying my best to fill in all of the parts of the Von Trapp girls, not to mention Julie Andrews crescen-do-re-mi (ing) all over the hills. I really do feel like music touches my soul. One regret I have is not trying out for a Christmas solo in 9th grade. I was afraid of failure, and since I never really had singing experience, what would people think of me putting myself out there in something I had no experience? So I sang my lungs out during the concert, hoping my soprano voice was heard above the others, but also blending in enough to not be recognized. That's why last night was magical. Justin Timberlake is super talented in so many ways, but his music is soulful. It's about fun, love, life, and just has so much power and energy behind it. It was deafening at times in Console, people clapping, screaming, *singing* in unison. I think that's another part of songs and concerts, the unity behind it. Everyone in unison, singing the words, or what they think the words are... I was appalled that Miley Cyrus was singing, "All you did was *rape me, until I found out it was *wreck, with her classic(<--sarcasm), "Wrecking Ball"...
I've been to many concerts, but JT's 20/20 experience, and the previous JT concert were the best. Finding out he was bringing sexy back, literally and figuratively, was similar to finding out there would be a Saved By the Bell College Years series. AH-MAHZ-ING.
Here is my homeless/classy/sophisticated look I was trying to capture for JT. I'd like to think as he was walking across the audience on the platform he thought, "Wow, that girl is cool meets homeless meets Urban Outfitters meets Free People, translation, I'd love to meet her. ;) Maybe his next comeback/concert, our paths will cross.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Shutterfly-ing My Way to a Deal!

I actually ordered my Christmas cards and did not have to pay extra shipping. This is literally a life-changing moment and day in my world. Shutterfly usually nabs me for at least $19.99 (which I get it, doesn't sound as bad as $20.00) because I panic seeing that little * by the "most likely" shipping date of 12/21. This year it gave me a range of about 12 days when my pictures will arrive, but even at the latest date, people will still receive their cards by 12/23, a win in my book! Of course they talked me into rounded corners, oh how much nicer that small detail is than the traditional rigid edge, so I guess they technically won again. They were nice enough to give me 40% off which brought every card to about $4.57, thanks Shutterfly. You rock! ;)


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