Monday, November 15, 2010


Hola! For all of you non Spanish speakers, mil is 1,000! 1,000 hits on my blog, how exciting! I haven't "blogged" in awhile, and it's good to be back. I don't know how I haven't written about Glee yet, or my Spanishesque future. I am a total Gleek, and proud of it. I admit, I was skeptical watching a few minutes of the show if I was channel surfing, but now I'm hooked. Ugh if only I could sing like Rachel. I've thought about it, and if you are a good singer/dancer, you could be uber cool in certain situations, such as: weddings, a long car ride, and you would most likely get that golden ticket to Hollywood on American Idol. I'm sure there are more, but as I'm trying to sing a Streisand tune, my thoughts are escaping me. Sometimes I think I sound like the Dixie Chicks if I'm trying really hard, other times, Evanescence, but only for about 3 seconds. I've tried to wow Josh with my vocals, but to no avail. If only Bella could talk, she's heard some real screechers while I'm in the shower, but anyways back to Glee.

I was so obsessed at one point watching the first season, I contacted community college about getting my Spanish minor and becoming a Spanish teacher. (The glee director on the show is a Spanish teacher). I even had my kids call me Mrs. Shuster...okay that's a lie, but the first part is true.

The shows that stick out to me where I was downright obsessed include: Full House, Saved by the Bell, Dawson's Creek, and Salute Your Shorts. Glee is making it's way to number 5 on my list. Are there any other silent Gleeks out there? Gleek is about as annoying of a word as tweeting by the way. :)


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