Saturday, November 12, 2011

10 Year Reunion

So tonight is my 10 year high school reunion. I keep thinking about that one car commercial where the guy is flooded with memories as he remembers times in his old car with his high school girlfriend. It would be funny if every person that walked in tonight had to pause and listen to.."Oh yah this is powerful stuff," or however the song starts, and share the nostaglia they were experencing upon seeing high school people. I am excited, I think my class was pretty close. I'm sure there will be moments of awkwardness, but that just makes for even more stories later on. Needless to say, this is mine and Josh's first night away from our little bambino. He will be in good hands, but I will miss putting him to sleep. :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stay at home.....teacher?

Whoa what a trip the last four months have been... and I'm sure will continue to be as I learn what to do, and not do in motherhood. I've definitely learned a lot about myself, Josh, and the whole dynamic of becoming parents. I don't think my maternity leave went fast, there were some looonnnggg days, and nights. I don't say that with disdain, because I would not trade a sleepless night for anything, okay maybe a spray tan, but I digress.

How can this sweet little bundle of joy not even know me and love me so much? He doesn't know that I speed, interrupt people, make comments under my breath ahem, critical ones, procrastinate, so many of my faults, he has no concept of, (and hopefully doesn't inherit), yet he smiles and coos and is just content to be in my presence. What a miracle sweet Samuel, and any baby for that matter, is.

I make one UGLY stay-at-home mom. There have been days I look in the mirror and scare myself. Matted feathers, dayS old mascara, hairy l... well not only legs, hairy everything. Oh my, oh my. If I brushed my hair before Josh came home on certain days, he was lucky. I would stumble to give him a hug as he came in the door, with a breast pump in one hand, and boob, figuratively speaking, and a burp cloth in the other. He would kiss my cheek far enough to my ear b/c he knew my pearly whites smelled anything but minty.

What a transition I am facing as I am re-entering the work force. I could easily watch the boob tube (see there is a correlation between breastfeeding and watching tv. I mean you can't look at your baby or read every time) from 8-1 everyday. I start with Good Morning America/Today show, depending on the topics. No Matt Lauer, I don't care where in the world you are this week, so GMA has been my pick. Then we have Regis and Kelly at 9. Once I see what Kelly is wearing, and a good bicep flex from her (awkward), and hear a senile remark from Rege (ugh those critical comments), I flip to more GMA. Next we have Ellen, LOVE! She is hilarious. 11-1 is a little sketchy between Whoopi, Nate Burkus and the Doctors. All similar in entertainment, also all with the same level of mediocrity. Now instead of zoning out in front of the tv on my lazy mornings, I'll have students zoning out on me. I know this is what has to be done, but maybe in the future, say baby # 4... I may just be able to be a stay-at-home mom for good. :)


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