Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby News!

So I was welcomed into the world of motherhood by sweet Samuel 4 weeks ago. It's so hard to believe I'm a parent! The same stresses, joys, happiness, and anger that my parents experienced with me, I will have with Samuel, and I'm looking forward to every minute of it! Now that pregnancy is behind me, and motherhood is ahead, I thought I'd make a few lists of things that have helped, shocked, and preoccupied me for the last few months.

Top Five Moments of Pregnancy:
(In no particular order)
5- Feeling Samuel kick, have hiccups, and move around for the first time
4- Going to the gym the day before I was due, having people ask me when I was due, telling them "tomorrow" and the look on their face. What am I supposed to do people, just WAIT for my water to break?
3- Constantly having dreams about my grandfather and friend Adam
2- Finding out we were having a boy, and telling our families
1- Hitting a woman on Route 30 and then driving away, so yes I'll say it, a hit and run. She eventually caught up to me on the road, as I was pulling into an apartment complex. I told her that I was going to get my registration card b/c I had forgotten it at home, and I was planning on coming back to the McDonald's where she had pulled over. Thank goodness she didn't wait for me to go into my apartment, she peeled out faster than Usain Bolt in the 100 meter dash.

The Weirdest thing someone said to me being pregnant: "Is it weird that you have a penis inside of you at all times?" I was not going to dignify this with a response, I mean REALLY person that I will not say your name b/c I'm embarrassed for you. I sweetly said back,"What's weirder is when there are two inside of me."

The 2nd weirdest thing someone said to me....
Old woman at gym: "Honey, where are you delivering?"
Me: "Westmoreland"
Owag: "Oh no, my husband died there."
Me: "Hopefully I'll have better luck."


I wish people would have told me....

-Labor is a beast. I look at women with kids completely different now. They are heroes. Warriors. Tough.
-To write down baby brain blunders, they are ridic.
-Tummy after baby is like white trash, beer drinking USA, you have to have a sense of humor about it.
-Breastfeeding isn't physically challenging, but more exhausting. Some days I think 90% of my day I breastfed, and 10% involved changing diapers.

Top 5 things I COULD NOT live without for the first month:
1. A supportive husband, but that goes without saying. That is tied for first with a Boppy.
2. Crib saver sheets. Samuel managed to spit up and pee everywhere, but they did save some of the crib sheet.
3. The "What To Expect" trilogy.... these books are amazing and are definitely worthy of the same accolades as Lord of the Rings or Star Wars or any other trilogy of that caliber.
4. My belly band sucker inner thing. I don't think it did one lick to reduce my white trash, beer drinking, belly but I like to think it helped some.
5. My sweet son Samuel


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