Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cheese 1/2 Ink a Baby

That cheese (she's)? is me, I'm having a baby! What a ridic way to tell everyone on fb. I couldn't be boring snoring and just post, "I'm pregnant," people expect more from me, and I get that. So it is true though, Josh and I are going to parents. Wow, craziness! I'm sure my next few posts will be about pregnancy, who am I kidding, probably all of them, however, I will try to make them as entertaining as possible. Here are a few things that have happened so far, and why I pray to God this baby comes out (ugh can't even think about delievery yet) in one piece.

-One morning I walked into the bathroom, and for some reason, I thought I saw something in the toliet that resembled what a baby would look like at 6 weeks. I hadn't gone to the bathroom yet, and I freaked out yelling to Josh,"What is THAT? What is in the TOLIET?" Again, I had not used the toliet, but my brain wasn't telling me that whatever was in the toliet could not be from me, I didn't get it. He said,"Oh that's my contact, I must have missed the garbage." Ugh disposable contacts and a bball shot like Shaq, make for one distressed prego in the A.M.

-Banana peppers sounded phenominal one day, so I started placing them neatly on my salad. In no time, I was a scavenger, eating two at a time, four at at time, until eventually the whole jar was gone. Talk about disgusting. Baby and digestive system were not feeling that decision a few hours later.

-My Glee dreams are continuing, but they also have included, llamas, EatN'Park, and coffins. A weird mixture of things, and I literally wake up sweating and almost in tears due to the content. I'll leave it at that for dreams.

We are beyond excited for this next chapter! Not sure about Bella, our number one dog baby, especially since the baby's due date is on her birthday. I promise her everyday she will not be neglected. I am giving her extra treats lately too. Oh no, I'm basically bribing my dog with treats, which is probably parenting mistake 101....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

This is Why I'm Random

This is the first of a few segments of why I'm random.... I don't know if other people have random quirks they do, and maybe just aren't as open as I am about them. I'm not embarassed by them, because they make me, me. These are for your reading enjoyment:

1. I definitely use specific silverware and coffee mugs because I think food/drink tastes better with the use of certain things. If I were to eat with one of my boring forks, food would NOT be as tasty as using the intricately designed ones. My yellow Pottery Barn mugs make coffee out of this world. Think Starbucks, with a Dunkin like after taste.

2. When I was ten I told my mom I had something in my eye that was bothering me. It was a popcorn kernel, but I wasn't eating popcorn at the time.

3. I have straightened only the front of my hair and bangs for my license picture, because go figure, I was running late. The back was a knotted mix of morning hair and tangles.

4. When I work out, I dry out my sweaty sports bras and rewear them a few days later. It's such a waste to wash something just from having water on it once.

5. I do not own dress socks, so I usually wear Josh's gold toes. I freak out when I enter someone's house I'm not really familiar with, because I know at least one person will notice the gold on my sock toe and wonder if I know I'm wearing men's socks.

6. I once met a homeless man in Pittsburgh, and somehow talked him into giving me ten dollars, and talking him into finishing his half full bottle of vodka (at least I didn't say half empty, see I'm an optimist).

7. Even though I'm a teacher, you will not find one functioning pen on my desk. Most of the time I write in Sharpie.

8. I'm ending on an even number, because I really like even numbers. The only time odd numbers are acceptable is if I'm buying apples, lemons, or some other type of fruit, or if I'm setting my alarm clock in increments of five.

Edition 2 is soon to follow...... am I crazy or what?!


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