Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Surviving Preschool

    So today was the last party for Samuel's first year of preschool. Just a few more weeks and he will be a 3-year old grad! #pompandcircumstance. 
I wish I had a handbook to guide me through this first year as there were a few hiccups along the way. 
Here is what I learned what to do/not to do. #ifpreschoolwashardformewhatwillkindergartenbring

This was literally me at so many points this year… but instead of it saying "LSAT"
on the cover it said, "Preschool for Dummies"

*Be a nicey to all the preschool moms. Even when one of them interrogates you about your selected craft and you want to scream, "I'M A TEACHER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, I can handle this." Because she may just compliment you and tell you how impressed she is once she sees the kids in action. 

*Buy school pictures! I almost missed out on this gem: 

Me:  "Samuel, how were pictures today?"
Samuel:  "Good, but I think I smiled funny."

*Ask your child about their new friends and the songs they sing. From August-January we only talked about snack, but finally I started to get some info. :)

*Tell your child how proud of them you are with their report card:


*Buy a ridiculously overpriced book bag for your youngin, because clearly that is indicative of what kind of year it will be.

I know, I know, it has his name on it and that's a no no.

*Assume your child will be okay if you just "pop-in" on a given day for a story, then head back to work. You will have a screaming tot and a broken heart.

*Freak out if and when your child freaks out as you spent all hours of the night preparing, buying, making things for the next day's party. I've seen tears, hair pulling, and screaming  (yes, all my sweet boy).

*Freak out if your craft, snack, etc. isn't Pinterest worthy. Pinterest is a farse where time doesn't exist. Cut yourself a break. :)

*Throw away all fundraising information that doesn't seem appealing. You may just throw away lottery raffle tickets, that may just cost $25.00 each. So you may be eating the $50. Just saying.

*Panic when the preschool teacher starts recounting stories your child tells while at school. "My mommy pumps her milk in a locker at her work for my baby brother to drink."  #pumpingprobs  #traumatizingmytoddler   C'mon Samuel, it's not a locker, it's a storage closet son! 

*Show up on days when preschool is cancelled (I may have done this once or twice).


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