Friday, September 2, 2011

Mean Face

I wasn’t really sure what to expect post baby in regards to my body. I read this horrifying article in a baby magazine where a girl described her post baby body as a mean face. Her boobs were the eyes, her mangled belly button was the nose, and her c-section scar was the mean smile. When I lifted my shirt and looked in the mirror for the first time after Samuel was delivered, unfortunately that article came to mind. I got a kick out of my beer belly of America for awhile, until all that “brew” wasn’t going down as quickly as I’d thought. Yes I did lose a lot of the weight quickly, and I’m thankful for that, but the little “apron” as my grandma calls it, is very unforgiving in clothing. Crunches/ab workouts have always been my downfall at the gym; I used to leave them until the end, and usually a measly 25 reps was all I got in due to how tired I was from working out. Also, guys at the gym would make very disturbing noises when crunching, situping, etc. so that was enough for me to bypass the area. I guess now I’m going to have to make an effort to start with abs, end with abs, heck, even just go to the gym to do an entire hour of abs!

There are times where I look at Samuel and think, how shallow am I to worry about extra skin on my stomach, when this beautiful miracle was the result? Then, in my shallow moments, I see all of my thin friends and think, ugh, I’m sucking in, and can people still see the extra skin that’s there? Can people also tell that my pants aren’t buttoned or zipped up the whole way? I guess until it’s gone, or at least back to some semblance of abs, it will be a work in progress. I know it takes time, and that’s one thing I have. Now I just need the patience and dedication to work off this flabulosity, so I can be fabulosity! :)


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