Thursday, December 31, 2015

If Not Now, When?

Oh Oprah, you wise woman. I heard this quote from her last week, and it has resonated with me since…. and as cliche as it is, with the new year ringing in, it's short, sweet, and smart.…. so I ask you, "If not now, when?" What are things you have not followed through with because of time, money, fear of failure, work, busyness with schedules, kids, etc.? I also read a hashtag I loved the other day too:  #weallhave24hoursaday

I hear all the time (and maybe sometimes say)…. "I don't have time," "I was too busy," "I couldn't fit in in the schedule."  I understand all of these, BUT #weallhave24hoursaday  

How do some people have time to do certain things, and others don't? You make time for what you value, and what's important to you, and other stuff gets pushed to the side, and maybe you'll "get to it." 

If you had to make a top ten list of 2016, goals, resolutions, ways you could grow, ways to be a better person, what would your list look like? Those that fail to plan, plan to fail… how are you planning not to fail in 2016-what will you do differently? 

The new year is exciting because it is a fresh start. 2015 for some was an amazing year with new babies, jobs, houses, promotions, weddings… but for others, it was, to quote an article I just read, "The Year I Fell." I had a year like that before…well, more than one. Those are tough. January 1st after those years I fell, couldn't come fast enough. So maybe tomorrow can't come fast enough for you because your year wasn't great. But guess what? This year can be. Some of my 2016 (or life) wants/goals/hopes are as follows, what's on your list? 

*Go on a missions trip
*Blog weekly
*Budget ;)
*Use coupons
*Run a 6:00 mile
*Be a surrogate for someone (def. not this year but some time)
*Watch a TV series with my husband
*Go to DIsney 
*Adopt a dog
*Make a scrapbook
*Cut out all processed foods
*Write a book
*Win money for placing in a race
*Write another book
*Create makeup tutorials
*Lead another life group at church
*Counsel grieving children

Sometimes if things are written down, there is more accountability to them. If you've never had a steady exercise regimen, and you say, "I'm going to start exercising," that's great, but what's your plan? Do you have a gym in mind? Are you someone who does well working out at home? Do you have an accountability partner with diet and exercise? Think through your goal-where you will struggle, and who can help you be successful.

So, I hope when you ask yourself, "If not now, when?" the answer is THIS YEAR. Make this the year you were the BEST you possible. :)


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