Monday, October 1, 2012


Today is a monumental day, not so much for me, but for the ol' pops. My grandma is now a resident of the 304. Saturday night gma's "criminals" were back in her basement, stealing their share of paint, soap, and my favorite, her car keys. They leave the car, but only want the keys. These thieves are masterminds and thrive on practicality with each find. Gma took her bad self in her nightie, holding her 22 (which is kept between the couch cushions) and went to her neighbor's house at midnight. The cops showed up, they called my dad, a huge fiasco, which escalated to gma using my old closet, and setting up shop on dad's couch from here on out. When I went over today to survey the situation, and see if my dad was having heart palpatations yet, gma needed some help in the old wardrobe department. There I was helping my gma dress and undress, and I kept thinking, where is the spunky, crass, sarcastic lady I used to know? Gotye was playing through my mind as I tried to make sense of the sight before me. Are those what Slinkies look like at the end of their life? OMG I'll stop there. I'm sure the next few weeks, months, and hopefully years will be full of great memories and more gma stories. I just pray that this new living situation is best for all! xoxo :)


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