Saturday, March 12, 2011

What is the hue of hormones?

Three instances stand out to me as far as being hormonal throughout the pregnancy. I don't know if I'm just not suppressing the things that come out of my mouth, or if because I'm pregnant I think I'm invincible and my words won't sound as stinging. Either way, I've been on the verge of crazy, so of course I have to share....

Exhibit A: I had a doctor's appointment and wanted to eat at Panera. I was by myself, and for some reason the smell of the bread bowls cooking and the bagels baking is something I can handle solo. Maybe panera in another language means solitude? Anyways, as I'm enjoying my quiet lunch, the women next to me were talking about very inappropriate things. Now, I'm sure if I were with my girlfriends, our conversation would possibly lead to such things, but c'mon people Samuel doesn't have earmuffs in the womb. So all of a sudden woman # 1 says to # 2, "Thank you so much for meeting me here, I can't imagine eating by myself." The nerve! Did this broad know I was in earshot? Of course! Did she know my hearing is extra sensory Superwomanlike due to baby? Most likely no because my belly was neatly tucked into the folds of my bursting Forever 21 coat. Feeling remorse, # 1 said to # 2, "Do you think she heard me?" This is the point I wish I could have frozen, like sometimes in movies when they are deciding on something important, they freeze and tell you what both sides of a possible outcome could be. I decided the best thing was to stand up for myself, heck, for all people who eat by themselves. I walked over to #1 and #2 and said, "I'm sorry if you think I'm weird because I just ate by myself!" I gave her my deepest glare I could as Samuel (or my soup) was doing flips in my stomach. I received some pretty nasty stares from onlookers, but hey people, I had to speak my mind.

That's all for this post... I don't want you to get the wrong impression :)

Too busy to blog?

Is this the first step in preparing for parenthood? Giving up things that aren't uber important and necessary (blogging)? I haven't posted anything for nearly 2 months; that's craziness! As my stomach is growing, my thoughts are increasing at a rapid pace too. What will Samuel be like? Will he have Josh's patience? My randomness? A little mix of both? As we are going through the pregnancy, what is so important is that he is healthy. We had a scare with choroid plexus cysts, but thank you God, they were nothing to fear. Whew! I really admire people and look at them in a new way if they know their babies have a health defeat, or genetic abnormality in advance. How do they remain strong throughout the pregnancy? Amnio was discussed, but Josh and I decided against it, as there is a heightened risk for losing the baby, and we didn't want to risk anything with our Samuel! I know God will never give you more than you can handle, but going to the hospital to meet with a genetic counselor was more emotional than I thought. We are so blessed that he is okay :)


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