Monday, August 10, 2015

What is Your Fitness Story?

      I find it interesting how people live in terms of working out, eating, etc. Some people I know eat fast food multiple times a week because it's convenient. They didn't know what the "baby food looking stuff" was at the party last year, (hummus), and have never tried almond milk…. wait, nuts in milk? They repeat how they need to make a change, feel tired and depleted, but don't know how to start working out or making changes that will positively impact their bodies. They know fast food isn't the best choice, but it tastes good, and it's part of their routine. Other people I know are vegetarians, and have been for years. They have their own reasons for this lifestyle, and say they feel better overall, without consuming meat. 
     I remember singing a song in fifth grade called, "Knowledge is Power" on stage for a program. How true that is…sometimes the more I read, the more I want to change. However, it's not realistic for me to buy every single thing on my grocery list at Whole Foods, or to purchase organic everything. I want to be informed, but not neurotic with labels, food blogs, exercise regimens and so on. There are so many fads and diets that look so appealing, but with these quick fixes, comes negative health effects and other risks.

     I think back to what a typical meal day was for me in high school: 
Breakfast:  Two bowls of Cocoa Pebbles and a glass of O.J. #delicious 
Lunch:        A sandwich baggie full of Smart Start, an apple, and raspberry tea
Dinner:       An enormous plate (or two) of whatever my mom or dad cooked
There were no snacks, not a lot of water consumption, and minimal protein, besides dinner. 

A typical meal day for me now is: 
Breakfast:  A smoothie with almond milk, protein, spinach, banana, cocoa powder, and peanut butter
Snack:       Almonds 
Lunch:      Some sort of salad, fruit, and a piece of Ezekiel bread
Snack:      Hummus and crackers or vegetables
Dinner:     Chicken, vegetables, and some sort of rice or potato
Dessert:    Ice cream or graham crackers with Nutella…yummo! :)

Do I eat like that every day… no… but if I actually have food in my fridge and pantry, that's what I'm eating. What a change from a decade ago.

      This last year has been a very humbling experience in the physical sense. I wanted to take a picture of my stomach as soon as I could after delivering Jonah to show people that mommy's tummies don't just snap back in place the minute the baby is birthed. I also wanted to take a photo timeline to show that with consistency, having an 80/20 mentality with food, (80% of the time eating well, 20% indulging), you CAN see results with time. I want to encourage people out there, women especially, you can do it. Do I think I look great in a bathing suit, no…. do I look better than I did September 2nd, I would say yes.
     Breastfeeding is a great way to kickstart weight loss post baby (along with so many other advantages for you and baby), but you really need to make eating healthy and exercise a lifestyle. Some nights that meant at 9:30 I was going for a run after a long and draining day. Other days, that meant during nap time when I wanted to sleep, I would force myself to workout downstairs. Some weeks when I knew working out wouldn't happen as often as I'd like, I would really watch my eating. That doesn't mean I wouldn't eat, I would just be mindful of how many times I put my hand in the pretzel bag as I made dinner, or I wouldn't have as much ice cream that week. (Ice cream is my downfall).

 Here is a timeline of two days before I delivered Jonah, to today….
August 30th

September 2nd- one day after delivery- #coneheadbelly

                                                                         October 6th 

                                                                       October 27th

                                                                      November 15th


I guess from November 15th to today, I didn't have time to take stomach bathroom selfies, but you get the idea. Being a mom doesn't mean death to your body… your fit self is in there, you just have to work harder for it to emerge! My Jonah pooch didn't disappear overnight, and it's still not 100% gone, but I wanted to feel comfortable in a bathing suit this summer. That was the goal I set for myself last summer as I waddled and waded in pools. I think I met this goal, and I also think you can set a goal and reach it. Here's to a healthy lifestyle!

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